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About the Practitioner

Laura Fairweather 
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner


Hello, my name is Laura Fairweather and I have a passion for helping people live healthier, happier lives! I enjoy working with adults from all walks of life. Often I coach fellow coaches, students, personal and professional health care providers and the GLBTQ+ community.  I have worked with Seniors for many years and continue to serve this population. 

Why I decided to be a Health Coach: 

While working in long-term health care, I was inspired to became a health coach. I  continually witnessed people feeling out of control due to changes in health, finances, family, a loss of purpose and a new living environment. Often, this created stress, anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness. I noticed how this took a huge toll on peoples well-being and ability to thrive. As I observed other areas of my life, I recognized these issues were occurring outside my work environment as well. I found myself wanting to do more to empower people and help them make choices to cultivate their best quality of life. So here I am to serve you!

Healing Touch:

I added Healing Touch to my practice and it has been an amazing modality to share with clients.  I love that it is gentle, non-invasive, and it reaches all areas of our health and well-being including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Witnessing the power of Healing Touch made me realize there is more to medicine and health than our Western ways. With that said, Healing Touch is also a wonderful compliment to conventional medicine. I love skeptics, I invite you to give it a try!


My Background

​I bring over 22 years of experience working in health care and a graduate degree from the University of Minnesota Center of Spirituality and Healing in Integrative Therapies and Health Coaching - I am one of the nation's first National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches.  My Healing Touch Certification studies were through Healing Beyond Borders. This training and experience  has personally taught me how important it is to have choices and a voice in health and lifestyle decisions - I will help you find what is right for you.

My pledge to you:

As a practitioner, confidentiality and a safe, non-judgmental space are my top priority. I believe play is not just for children and humor can be an effective tool to get through life. My pledge is to serve you with integrity, honor and respect.


Laura Fairweather NBC-HWC, CHTP

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