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Working With A Health Coach

When can a Health Coach be helpful?

  • When stress and anxiety have taken over

  • When it feels overwhelming to make a change

  • When there has been a difficult transition in your life

  • When you are tired of feeling the way you do

  • You would like to have more control of your well-being

  • You feel like the doctor doesn't have time to listen

  • You feel alone

Why do clients come to me for health coaching?

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Find healing with illness and chronic disease

  • Manage pain

  • Improve self-care/preventative care

  • Work through life transitions with health, family, finances, relationships, jobs

  • Make changes in diet, exercise and smoking cessation

  • Explore integrative and holistic resources for healing

  • Find greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose in life

  • Seek creativity, joy and play for health

Let's find the best path for you.


Making a change and finding your path is not always easy, 
but together we will explore what inspires you. 
Your wellness approach will be co-designed to compliment YOUR life, YOUR philosophies and YOUR values to successfully move forward.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Let's meet in a park, on a trail, in a kayak - let the outdoors be our space together!

Virtual, phone and office
options too.

Prefer not to

meet in an office?

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