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"I worked with Laura for almost a year and truly enjoyed the experience.  Laura provided a safe and warming space both physically and figuratively from the time she greeted me until she bid me farewell.  As a coach Laura gave me her full and sincere attention and was always open to working through whatever challenge that I brought to the session.  Laura had an uncanny way of choosing just the right words as she offered reflections, observations, and guidance that always allowed me to consider my situation differently and to uncover the positive "hook" that I could use to move forward.  Thank you Laura for allowing me the time and space to envision a new me." - M

I really liked that I could talk about whatever was concerning me, no restrictions. Laura is a great listener - open and nonjudgmental. She had some great ideas and also some good resources I can use ongoing.

Thanks! - J

Laura defines the essence of health coaching within minutes of being in her presence. Her warmth, calm disposition, sincere curiosity, and depth of wisdom immediately create a feeling of comfort and trust, empowering one to discover what is needed to live well. -L

I'm thankful to Laura for introducing me healing touch and it's benefits. She is great Listener and she helped me beyond words. She has earned my trust! - T

Laura Fairweather was so easy to work with. Extremely genuine in her approach and made me feel very welcome and at ease. She truly cares about her clients and their health. She has helped me see myself differently to promote change! I needed that. - L

When I came to see Laura, I was full of anxiety and stress, but thought I was handling things just fine. Actually, I was more curious than anything to see what she could do. Not only did she provide a calm and peaceful environment, but she listened and helped me focus on how I was physically reacting to the stress I was under. The healing touch portion was gentle, and I could feel the worries melting away. In the past I've heard the phrase "empty your mind," but I've never been able to do that. This was the first time, and with absolutely no effort on my part, that I felt completely free and could just be in the moment. I highly recommend Laura and her approach to wellness, and I will definitely go back to her. - E

Laura is a gifted healer. My experience under her guidance and care was both relaxing and awesome in the way answers to deep questions emerged for me. She knows how to tap into energy and spirit in a way that meets people where they are in their journey to wholeness and health. - M

Laura is one of the most understanding and warm people I have ever met. Her ability to ask the right questions in order to truly understand symptoms and healing methods impress me each time I see her. I love talking with her and don't want the sessions to end. After each session, I walk away relaxed, with no anxiety, a more positive outlook on life and a general sense of strength and better health. I can't recommend Laura highly enough - S

I had an amazing and transformational experience with Laura at Envision You in a Healing Touch session! She was informative with explaining the session and helping me set goals for it. The atmosphere was comfortable and soothing. I left feeling like a new person! I highly recommend Healing Touch with Laura if you are looking to balance out your life and energy! I look forward to my next session! - J

This was the first time for me and Laura did a great job. I am trying to recover from 2 hip surgery and have some negative stuff going on. I'm not sure how to say this but I know she had some other helpers within my session. She brought in extra energy that was very needed. Will definitely go to her again! Thank you Laura! - R

Laura takes time to help her clients relax and prepare with simple breathing exercises before she even begins her Healing Touch session. Laura actively and respectfully listens to her clients along with providing a safe and nonjudgmental healing environment. Her gentle spirit guides you through a powerful healing touch session. I would HIGHLY recommend Laura for Healing Touch as well as her excellent expertise in life coach skills. - C

I would highly recommend this experience from the lovely setting, professional level of care, and I left the session feeling relaxed with with a sense of well-being. A great way to stay grounded during transitional times. - K

I have had a few amazing sessions of Healing Touch with Laura from Envision You. It was a very relaxing experience. Laura helped restore the energy flow in my body that was blocked or stuck. I donated a kidney many years ago. I was numb on my left side couldn't feel if I was being poked by sharp objects on that side. Laura was able to feel the blocked energy. After the session I was able to feel in that area again. Thank you Laura for your wonderful gift and well trained hands. - C

Laura Fairweather is a gifted healer. She has helped me greatly through healing touch! I have sent friends to see her and they have had similar results! highly recommend, thank you Laura! - T

The healing touch I received from Laura was a completely relaxing and regenerative experience. She has the gift to alleviate the pain and stress in your life. Awesome session. Thank you Laura! - B

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