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  • Laura Fairweather


Hello, and welcome to my web site and blog! Quite honestly I am surprised, almost shocked, that I am sitting here writing a blog. It is truly one of the last things I ever expected to do (next to beekeeping). You see, one of my personal challenges has been to articulate in writing with creativity, proper grammar and interesting content. So I decided to challenge myself by offering you tidbits of educational information, my thoughts on wellness, and random squirts of who-knows-what will come out of my brain and through my keyboard. Please know I will be genuine and authentic even if it isn't perfect. Overall, I look at the human life as one big experiment, so I hope to find comfort as I practice my experiment. Please join me in the spirit of learning, experimentation, play and discovery!

I welcome your thoughts and feedback even if we disagree, however, I would like to keep it to a friendly conversation. Stay tuned!

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