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  • Laura Fairweather

What is Your Blueprint for Health?

I recently read a book by T Harv Eker called, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind. Eker says the reason people have a difficult time becoming millionaires is due to something called our money blueprint. How do we get this blueprint? It is created by our influencers, people who have told us how we should think, feel and behave toward money.

This caught my attention. The truth is, we actually hold many blueprints relating to all aspects of our health, not just our financial health. We had many influencers who taught us to think, feel and behave in certain ways, which may or may not have served our well-being. Who are these mighty influencers? They are our parents, teachers, coaches, friends, relatives, church, community and culture.

Here is the good news! The blueprints are not static, and if they aren’t working for us anymore, we can change them. How?

In remaining true to T Harv Eker, I will share his Four Elements of Change. They are closely tied to what I do to help people with their well-being as a Health Coach, but I have an additional element to add that is extremely important!

Four (Five) Elements of Change: (summarized by a Health Coach)

1. Awareness

Especially, self-awareness. If we don’t know something exists, we can’t change it.

2. Understanding (stories)

It is important to understand there are stories told to us by our influencers that created our blueprints of health. There are many “shoulds” that come with these stories: You should act this way, you should be this way, you should think this way, you should eat this way, you should have this kind of education, a

nd you should have these kinds of friends. All of these “shoulds” suddenly become a part of who we are. And sometimes they hold us back because we start to “should” all over ourselves!

What are these stories? Here are some simple examples: Have you ever been told that you need to belong to the clean plate club? Or were you told not to talk about yourself (or toot your own horn) so you don’t get too big for your britches? Or have you ever heard, “Be a good kid and get good grades”? Stories like these can sometimes get in our way.

3. Disassociation (Truths)

This is where we step back to recognize that these stories came from an outside source. We examine which of the stories hold truth and then determine how they serve us. At this point, we can decide which, or which part of a story, is worth holding onto and which is worth letting go.

4. Reconditioning (Behavior Change)

In this element of change we shed parts of the old blueprint and re-work a new one. When we get here, we can have some fun experimenting and find a path that works best for you. Voilà! A new blueprint of health!

But before we do any kind of reconditioning, I have one more element of change as a health coach. It begins by NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO. Yes, I’m telling you, I will not be telling you what to do. It might seem kinda funny, but there is one BIG reason. I have a story to explain:

I had a client that wanted to lose weight. She told me about how much she loved potato chips; she could eat a whole bag by herself, every day, but she knew potato chips were really unhealthy for her. She talked about reducing the portion size by buying the snack size bags. Then she decided that might be too wasteful, so she thought she could get a big bag of chips and then portion them out in baggies. This contemplation went on. Let’s just say that she had a focus on potato chips. We talked a little more and were finishing up the session when I asked her, “What is one step that you can take towards your goal”? In the back of my mind, I’m thinking she is going to say something about what? Potato chips! But do you know what she actually said? “I’m going to tell my husband not to bring home fast food anymore”. Wow, that never even came up in the session!

Why do you think she didn’t say anything about potato chips? Yep, she WASN"T READY to give up potato chips!

This leads to the next element of change:

5. **Level of Readiness**

You have to be ready to make a change or decide what you are willing to change to move forward. This is epic. And even if you find you aren’t ready to change that blueprint, health coaching can help you figure out how to get there.

Take a look at your blueprint of health. What are your stories? Who were your influencers? Do you know why you think and act the way you do?

If you are done with the old blueprint and ready to design a new one, let’s create it together. I will help you examine the answers to these questions so you can finally let the healthy you shine through!

I offer free, no obligation, 20 minute sessions. Contact me and together we will draw up your new blueprint of health!

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